Auroville. A city from dreams

Setting (literally)

Auroville. A city in India in the state of Tamilnadu, one hundred and forty-five kilometers south of Chennai, ten kilometers north of the former French colony of Pondicherry, five kilometers west of the Bay of Bengal.

Setting (literally and metaphorically)

A city where you can get lost, because nothing here is what it seems. A forest that was once a red desert, and earlier a forest. The barren land on which the Tamils ​​- the impoverished spirits of the former splendor of the southern kingdoms – tell themselves the legend about people from the West who will bring prosperity. A place where newcomers from the West miss the desert (a little) and are a bit anxious about the future. A small plateau close to the sea, which became the site of the experiment – the experiment on reality and dreams.

Setting (metaphorically)

Look inside yourself.


A little over fifty years. All eternity. One life.


The mother.

A child.

Crowds of seekers (some of them find something, others – not).

A realized utopia.