Good advices for future corspes

The title of this article draws upon the title of Sallie Tisdale’s book Advices for Future Corpses (And Those who Love Them): A Practical Perspective on Death and Dying. I was asked to write what we lose – as individuals and as a society – when we don’t talk about death. Why death – from an indispensable part of our life (vide Ars Moriendi) became something hidden? What is so scary about it that we turned it into taboo? What does it say about a society when it can’t face the reality? And what’s the way out of this delusional myth that we are currently living in? The article is also based  on Michael Hebb’s book Let’s talk about death (over dinner).The article was written for prestigious Polish magazine about books: Ksiażki. Magazyn do czytania. Its Polish version can be accessed here.